Take you to learn about fluorescent whitening agents!


Take you to learn about fluorescent whitening agents!

Fluorescent/Optical Brightener is a chemical additive, also known as fluorescent dye, and a general term for a class of compounds. Its characteristic is that it can stimulate incident light to produce fluorescence, causing the dyed substance to achieve a sparkling effect similar to fluorite, making the substance visible to the naked eye very white. 

The characteristic of fluorescent brighteners has led to their rapid development in the fields of textiles, paper, washing products, plastics, and is considered one of the three major achievements in the dye industry in the late 20th century.

Fluorescent whitening agent is a color conditioner with the function of brightening and brightening, widely used in various fields such as paper making, textiles, and detergents. The principle of action of fluorescent whitening agents is to absorb invisible ultraviolet light in the light and emit visible blue light. After overlapping with the yellow light emitted by the fabric, they complement to form white light, increasing the white light emitted by the fabric. The naked eye can feel that the white fabric becomes noticeably bright white, which is the brightening effect.

Fluorescent whitening agents include OB-1, OB, FP-127, CBSX, CXT, ER-I-I-III, BBU, BA, etc

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