The role of fluorescent brightener in paint.


With the improvement of people's living standards and the advancement of science and technology, the role of paints, such as white amino baking paint, polyurethane enamel, alkyd enamel, etc., is no longer simply to protect the surface of the painted object, but also to beautify the surface of the paint. , To give people a sense of beauty.
Many transparent or white paints have an inherent yellow hue. In the past, in the process of manufacturing paint, in order to obtain a white or light appearance, try to choose a light-colored transparent matrix and a stable and high-whiteness white pigment. In addition, in the white A certain amount of blue pigment is usually added to the paint, the so-called "blue", which uses the complementary effect of blue and paint yellow to increase the whiteness of the paint, but the brightness of this white is not high, and it is a little dark.
As a fluorescent dye, fluorescent whitening agent has been widely used in white or light-colored paints. The fluorescent whitening agent can absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue-violet fluorescence, thereby mixing with the yellow light on the surface of the paint film to become white light. , Make the surface of the paint film tend to be totally reflective, white paint looks whiter and brighter in human vision; light-colored paint looks more gorgeous and eye-catching, which greatly improves the appearance of the product.

Another use of fluorescent whitening agent in paint is also to use its ability to absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue-violet fluorescence, which can improve the whiteness of white paint or the vividness of light-colored paints while reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays to the pigments in the paint. Improve the light resistance of the paint and extend the service life of the paint in outdoor and sunlight environments.

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