How much do you know about the powerful application of optical brightener?


Optical brightener can be used in the plastic industry, paint and ink industry, printing and dyeing industry, washing and detergent industry, paper industry, etc. . In fact, fluorescent whitening agents also have a very wide range of applications.In the world, the proportion of optical brightener used in different industries is different.Today Ogilvy Chemical shares with you the powerful application of fluorescent brighteners.

1. The optical brightener can be used as a marker in medicine
Using the difference of affinity and ability of optical brightener to different cells, it can be used as a marker in medicine to detect the existence of special protein or antibody in cells, and it can be used in medical diagnosis. A rapid and reliable diagnosis of fungi and algae can be made by treating tissue sections of tested animals or humans with a fluorescent whitening agent containing at least four sulfonic groups of stilbene, followed by a Fluorescence microscope test.

2. Optical brightener can improve the appearance of industrial liquids
Fluorescent brighteners are used in industrial liquids to improve the appearance of products. For example, after the optical brightener OB is dissolved in organic solvents, it can be mixed in waxes, paraffins and mineral and vegetable oils, the light yellow inherent in these products can be effectively masked by the use of a small amount of this fluorescent whitening agent. Because fluorescent brightener OB has good light resistance in organic solvents, it can be added to a large number of industrial liquids.

3. Optical brightener can be used in stationery and can be added to magnetic writing board emulsions
Fluorescent brighteners are used as a component in magnetic writing board emulsions, which are sealed in a PVC mesh to form emulsion lattices with iron powder added. The writing board is made of smooth lines and clear black and white.

4. Optical brightener can be used as UV absorbers
The ability of the fluorescent whitening agent to absorb ultraviolet light is used in the etching process of the integrated circuit board and in the hair care composition to reduce the harm of ultraviolet light to the hair.

5. Optical brightener can be used for pearl whitening
The Pearl is taken out from the shell and sold on the counter, which needs a series of processes such as pretreatment, bleaching, whitening and glazing to make the color and luster more pleasing to the eye. Among them, the pretreatment is to expand the pearl with benzene and ammonia water, then dehydrate it with ethanol or glycerin, then bleach it with hydrogen peroxide or chlorine to make the pearl surface whiter, on this basis and then use fluorescent whitening agent for whitening treatment, together with the final polishing, so that the white pearl becomes whiter.

In addition to the above mentioned functions and applications of fluorescent brighteners, there are many other uses of optical brighteners, such as for postal envelopes to facilitate mechanical sorting; optical brighteners can also be used as laser dyes for laser detection, etc. ,fluorescent brighteners are widely used, but are added in small amounts in almost every industry.
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