Types Of Polyester Staple Fiber And Whitening Effect Of FBA Fluorescent Brightening Agent OB-1


FBA fluorescent brightening agent OB-1 for polyester staple fiber PSF

China is the production and consumption of polyester staple fiber, Asia is the global polyester staple production capacity concentration. Polyester staple fiber is actually polyester fiber (PET) , is through the PTA and ethylene glycol after the polymerization of a staple fiber. Polyester staple fiber is the downstream product of PTA and ethylene glycol, and is the most widely used variety with the largest output in chemical fiber. The polyester staple fiber has the advantages of high strength, good wear resistance, good light resistance and low price, etc. . The market scale develops rapidly, the use scope is widespread, at present polyester staple fiber already became the textile, the clothing, the home textile and so on profession important raw material.

At present, polyester staple fiber is widely used, mainly in spinning, fillers and non-woven fabric market.
1. Polyester staple fiber for spinning, mainly used for pure polyester and blended yarn, the main specifications are half-light 1.4 D, half-light 1.2 D, Light 1.2 D, etc.
2. Polyester staple fiber for filling, mainly used for home textile, toys, sofas, etc. , the main specifications have 3D, 6-15D hollow short fiber;
3.Polyester staple fiber for non-woven, mainly used for spunlaced, needle-punched and other non-woven fabrics, the main specifications are spunlaced with 1.4 D, 2-2.5 D coarse denier fiber, 4D low melting point fiber.

According to the classification of raw material dimension, staple fiber can be divided into primary polyester staple fiber and regenerated polyester staple fiber. The raw polyester staple fiber is made from PTA and ethylene glycol through polymerization, spinning and cutting, commonly known as “big chemical fiber”. The regenerated polyester staple fiber is made from recycled PET bottles, RPET, etc. after drying, melting, spinning and cutting, commonly known as “small chemical fiber.”.

Regenerated polyester staple fiber or RPET fiber has the characteristics of low cost, high profit and environmental protection. Production of regenerated polyester fiber or RPET fiber by pre-spinning and post-spinning. The white polyester staple fiber can be produced by adding 0.02%-1% FBA fluorescent brightening agent OB-1 in the blending process, and the colored polyester staple fiber can be produced by adding right amount of color masterbatch to the colored polyester staple fiber, in the drum before drying out 2 hours to join, and stop the vacuum. Due to the thin, fluffy and high viscosity of the bottle flakes, the volume of the bottle decreases rapidly when it is melted from solid state to liquid state in the screw extruder, resulting in unstable spinning pressure, so it can be solved by adding appropriate proportion of foam mixture.

Jinan Ogilvy Chemical Co. , Ltd. , specializing in the production and sale of fluorescent brightening agents FBA and pigments, products are widely used in plastic, color masterbatch, chemical fiber, synthetic fiber, textile and printing, paint and ink, paper and other fields, at the same time, Ogilvy Chemical has been developing the whitening formula of the FBA fluorescent brightening agents , such as by mixing the FBA fluorescent brightening agent OB-1 with blue pigment B12, ultramarine blue, phthalocyanine blue, etc. .
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