The price of optical brightener(FWA/OBA) has been continuously rising


The price of optical brightener(FWA/OBA) has been continuously rising

Affected by China's Power rationing policy and environmental protection regulations, in the past two months, the price of chemical raw material in China’s chemical industry, including the optical brightener(FWA/OBA) industry, has been continuously rising. Based on many years of market experience, Jinan Ogilvy Chemical has prepared for the continuous increase in chemical raw material prices before it increase. At present, the inventory of fluorescent brighteners is sufficient.

Ogilvy Chemical's customers are also actively stocking up. In order for every customer to receive the goods as soon as possible before the price of the fluorescent brightener (fwa) increases again, the employees in our production workshop and warehouse have to work overtime every day to deliver the goods. Thanks to our colleagues for their hard work, I believe our customers and friends will be amazed at our delivery speed, the speed of China.

Whether you are a plastic manufacturer, a textile printing and dyeing expert, or a washing &detergent product manufacturer, a paper mill or a chemical product distributor, you can consult me about the price, dosage, and increase of fluorescent whitening agent, titanium dioxide and pigments, white solution and so on, because we are not only a manufacturer and supplier of fluorescent brighteners and pigments, but also a reliable friend of yours in the chemical industry.

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