The function of optical brightener for detergent


1. Improve the washing effect

Optical Brightener for Detergent can whiten, brighten, and improve the washing effect of detergents. The use of detergents with added fluorescent optical brighteners will make the fabrics whiter and brighter within a certain number of washing times, and will increase with the increase of the fluorescent optical brightener content in the washing products. After a certain number of washings, Whiteness changes are not significant. If the content of the fluorescent optical brightener in the washing product is very low, the whitening effect of the washed fabric will not be obvious.
However, if there is no fluorescent optical brightener in the detergent, the whitened fabric will gradually wash away the fluorescent optical brightener on the original fabric due to the action of the surfactant, and the whiteness of the fabric will vary with the number of washings. The increase in the amount gradually decreases, and the brilliance will gradually disappear, giving people a feeling of getting darker and darker. At the same time, it will also make people feel that the washing effect of detergent without fluorescent optical brightener is not good.

2. Improve the appearance of detergent

Adding washing fluorescent optical brighteners can significantly improve the whiteness of detergents, such as washing powder, soap, etc., and improve their appearance. Whether there is fluorescent optical brightener in washing powder and soap has a great influence on its appearance, and the color of washing powder or soap without fluorescent optical brightener is dark, giving a feeling of uncleanness, which is naturally reminiscent of using Can this unclean detergent wash items clean. Will affect the sales of washing products.
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