How to choose an effective plastic optical brightener


Although the amount of fluorescent whitening agent in plastics is very small, it is indispensable. What are the commonly used fluorescent whitening agents in the plastics field? Today, I would like to recommend several star products with high cost performance to you.

Plastic fluorescent whitening agent OB, Fluorescent whitening agent OB has very stable performance on plastics, but its whiteness may be slightly worse. If you have very high requirements on whiteness, this is not recommended.
Optical Brightener
Plastic fluorescent whitening agent OB-1, this product can be regarded as a star product in the plastic industry, with affordable price and good whitening effect. It is also suitable for various plastic products, with small amount of addition, migration resistance and good effect. Its price is relatively cheap, and it is the first choice of many plastic manufacturers, but in certain plastic products, its stability is poor and it is easy to migrate. So you still have to ask the customer service if it is using your product.
Optical Brightener-1
Plastic fluorescent whitening agent FP-127, this fluorescent whitening agent product can be said to be born for PVC plastic, suitable for all kinds of PVC products, the addition amount is 2/10,000 to 5/10,000, and the whitening effect is obvious. , is also resistant to migration on PVC plastics. Whether you are soft or hard PVC products, you can choose fluorescent whitening agent FP-127.
Optical Brightener FP-127
 In addition, plastics of different materials have their own models of plastic fluorescent whitening agents. If you want to know more, you are welcome to consult and we will communicate in detail. We will recommend a professional and targeted optical brightener product to you according to your product.
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