Optical Brightener FP-127
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Optical Brightener FP-127

Optical brightener FP-127 is a good plastic fluorescent whitening agent, which can be used for polymer, paint, printing ink and synthetic fiber whitening, brightening. Mainly used in PVC whitening agent, and artificial leather whitening, especially for a variety of plastics and plastic products have a good whitening effect.Optical Brightener FP-127 mainly used inwhitening of plastics such as PVC,PS,ABS,TPR,etc.

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Product Description

Optical Brightener FP-127

Optical brightener FP-127 is a heat-resistant, solvent-soluble, chemically stable optical brightener that provides better color. It is used to offset the yellow color of the polymer and produce a whiter appearance. Optical brighteners change the wavelength of light by absorbing ultraviolet light, and then emit light in the form of fluorescence. It can also be used as a tracer in various applications and as an optical brightener in thermoplastics, coatings, printing inks, dyes, man-made fibers, waxes, fats and oils. This fine powder form is very suitable for:

1.) Reducing the clogging of the equipment is essential to increase productivity and

2.) It is essential for the application efficiency of the clear coating to disperse and smooth the appearance of the coating.

Optical Brightener FP-127 Pure Powder 99%min with CAS No 40470-68-6

Optical Brightener FP-127

1.Product description:

Optical Brightener FP-127 is a high stability optical brightener agent with very stable excellent whitening effect. No yellowing and discoloring will occur on the products whitening by this whitening agent even if they are stored for a long time. So it is very popular and very widely used in Plastic especially for soft plastic such as wire, cable, artificial leathers etc.



Optical brightenerFP-127





Molecular Formula




Melting point




Volatile matter


3.Product details:

Another name: Optical Brightener CBS-127

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Ogilvy

Certification: ISO9001

Application: Mainly used for Plastic, especially for soft plastic such as wire and cable etc.

4.Our advantage:

1.  Owned factory, Owned R&D center and lab.

2.  Factory directly sale, price can be always 3% lower than the market price.

3.  Less dosage, Better effect.

4.  Fast delivery, Excellent service.

5.  We not only sell OBA, but also provide system whitening solutions and technique support.

6.  We have many years of export experience, we can provide to you complete shipping documents for your custom clearance.


5.Packing information:

Usually is 25Kg/cardboard drum with inner double PE liner.

Optical Brightener FP-127

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