How should fluorescent whitening agents be used in plastic granulation?


Plastic products are widely used in our daily life. It can be said that plastic products have become an essential part of our life, for example, our life is a more common plastic basket, plastic bucket, plastic basin, plastic cups, and so on.

Many people do not know the plastic processing technology, we usually use plastic products that are initially granular, will be a fine powder, after drying, add adhesive, made of good fluidity, the particle size of about 0.1 mm particles commonly known as plastic granulation.

And the fluorescent whitening agent is an indispensable assistant in the processing process. So, how does the fluorescent whitening agent Whiten, and how should it be used in plastic granulation? Today, we will take you to solve this problem.

How fluorescent whitening agents Whiten most people are not very clear about the principle of whitening agents, fluorescent whitening agents is an optical complementary role, the treated white or light-colored substrate can be used for whitening, brightening, or brightening. The fluorescent brightener fluorescence comes from ultraviolet light, so the ultraviolet light content of the irradiation source has an effect on the fluorescent intensity and whitening effect of the fluorescent brightener, the whitening effect will be particularly significant.

As we all know, plastic is not easy to be decomposed, recycling performance is good, so also prompted more and more of the recycled plastic industry. The recycled waste plastics are washed, broken up, and then granulated to be made into finished plastics. However, one of the disadvantages of the recycled materials is that the appearance is rather old and not white. Even if the finished product is granulated, its color will be dull. In order to improve the Whiteness and brightness of the product, many manufacturers will add a fluorescent whitening agent in the granulation process to solve.

How to use a fluorescent whitening agent in plastic granulation

One method of plastic granulation is dry-mixing. The mixture is passed through a blender and then hot-melted granulated. The fluorescent brightener is mixed directly in the blender at the dosage required for dry-mixing.

Another method is water washing granulation. This method is mainly aimed at manufacturers without mixers. Water washing granulation is generally used like an intravenous drip. At the top of the vent, an oil pot is hung, and the head is cut off from bottom to top, using organic solvents, such as industrial white oil, dissolve the fluorescent whitening agent from the powder into a liquid, then find two infusion tubes, insert them into the LID, and use small pulleys to control the flow rate. The general recommendation is to drop 200 grams per ton of material, do a ton of material time to drop the whitening agent on the line so that it is more uniform.

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