Working Of Optical Brightening Agents


The optical brightening agent or fluorescent whitening agent can absorb the invisible ultraviolet light (the wavelength range is about 60 ° 380 nm) and convert it into blue light or purple visible light with longer wavelength, so it can compensate for the unwanted yellowish color in the Matrix, at the same time, more visible light is reflected than the original incident wavelength in the range of 400-600 NM, which makes the product appear whiter, brighter and more vivid.

It offsets the yellow feeling caused by too much yellow light reflected from the fabric and mixes it with the heavier yellow light reflected from the fabric to form white light. The Whiteness of the fabric increases and the reflectivity increases, which makes the brightness of the fabric increase, more than the general bleaching fabric more pleasing to the eye, the light-colored fabric has the role of brightening.

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