Plastic Recycling, Waste Plastic Products Recycling Process


The recycling of waste plastic products, according to the stage, respectively, is the crushing of plastic products, impurity removal and classification. This is a better way to recycle plastic on a macro level.The idea is to make used plastic more valuable.

Crushing is to break all kinds of plastic products, such as household goods, toys, home appliances and other products into relatively uniform plastic blocks, which is convenient for the following processing, and convenient for storage, transportation and other work.


Impurity removal is the removal of other substances in plastic, such as metal, dust, rubber silicone, and other things, the premise of this step is to break up the plastic products. After removing impurity pure plastic will be more valuable, plastic is not easy to recycle, low prices mostly because of the impurity level is not enough.

Classification is the classification of different plastic materials, waste plastic materials unified price will be higher. In addition, on the basis of the unity of materials, will be unified color plastic, plastic can be more valuable. In the past, the traditional classification is difficult to carry out plastic impurity recovery, so that the plastic recovery rate is not high. Now it’s more of a machine operated process, where it can be quickly and easily recycled.


For example, the following assembly line is a very common plastic impurity removal process. Filling Machine → salt water tank → plastic crusher → clear water tank → Dryer → Dryer → Silica Gel machine.


The filling machine can carry out the transportation of waste plastics stably; the salt water tank can remove the dense materials such as metal and stone; the plastic crusher can crush the plastic into a uniform size; the clean water tank can simply carry out the separation of the plastic materials, of course, there is also the role of cleaning materials; the Dryer  is to dry the plastic; silicone machine is to remove the plastic rubber silicone, wood dust particles and other impurities.


At this point, if you want to improve the value of plastic, or plastic material or color requirements, you can use the electrostatic sorter and color sorter. Electrostatic separator is based on different materials of plastic parts of different electrical properties to separate, the same is pure physical separation. In addition to sorting plastic color, it can also sorting impurities.

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