Recycling plastic waste into treasure, fluorescent whitening agent is essential


Plastic has many advantages, not only affordable and easy to use. However, with the development of science and technology, we gradually found that the harm of plastic to people and the natural environment can not be ignored, in order to avoid the development of this situation, now the global promotion of plastic recycling. When it comes to recycled plastics, we have to think about the appearance of recycled plastics. To make recycled plastics look like new materials, it is necessary to recycle plastic whitening agent.

Plastic doesn’t decompose well. According to the United Nations, about 300 million tons of plastic waste is generated globally each year, and most of it goes to landfills if it takes centuries for the plastic to fully decompose, but this treatment is extremely bad for the environment. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation to develop pollution we rely on the environment, now the world is promoting the recycling of resources. But one of the biggest problems with recycled plastic is its appearance. Some of the recycled plastic may have been used once, and some of the recycled plastic may have been recycled many times, which makes our recycled plastic tarnish, dim, or even muddy. In order to solve the appearance problem of recycled plastic, then recycled plastic whitening agent is particularly important.

The plastic is easy to be processed and shaped, but the fluorescent whitening agent is different because of the different processing technology. There are many types of fluorescent whitening agents used in plastics. We need to select the appropriate fluorescent whitening agents according to our own production process.

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