Used for recycling plastic bottles into cloth —— A fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 or Optical brightening agent OB


Most of the plastic bottles we have used in our daily life are considered “garbage” , but what many people don’t know is that many of these “garbage” are recycled. Some of it was made out of other plastic, but the rest was made out of our clothes. For example, plastic bottles can be used to make polyester fiber, or chemical fiber, PET fiber, polyester, nonwoven, Dacron. So how does a recycled plastic bottle end up in a synthetic fabric.How to whiten polyester fiber, or whiten chemical fiber, whiten PET fiber, POLYESTER FIBER whitening ?

First, the plastic becomes “plastic noodles. ”. After the waste plastic bottle is transported to the factory, the transparent plastic and the colored plastic are first separated. Transparent plastics can be used to make white clothing or plastic particles that can be dyed, so they are much more valuable than colored plastics. The plastic bottle is then “bathed” with the CAP and label removed. Then, shred the clean bottle into plastic pieces. To make white polyester cloth, use light colored plastic sheets. However, even white or light colored plastic can become cloudy or yellowish and dark after one use. This time need to add plastic whitening agent OB-1 or OB, through the optical brightener to increase the whiteness of plastic particles, for better use later.


Then, after the drying of raw materials, filtering, melting, extrusion, spinning, traction, shaping, cutting and other procedures, the original waste plastic bottles into a fuzzy floc, that is, chemical fiber or polyester, and so on. Finally, after the spinning process, you can become yarn, and then after dyeing and weaving, into our daily life in the fabric.


Now more and more plastic industry use whitening agent, whitening agent through the principles of physics, no chemical reaction, good for the environment.As a result, fluorescent whitening agents are increasingly used in the whitening of plastic products.

recycling plastic whitening agent ob


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