Polyester bottles will be used to replace more glass bottles for packaging, and more and more optical whitening agents are used


With the improvement of People’s Living Standard and the strengthening of environmental awareness, polyester bottles will be used to replace more glass bottles for packaging.


Bottle grade polyester chip is a copolymerized product, terephthalic acid PET. As a kind of packaging consumable, the product has many advantages such as safety, low price, high transparency, light weight, 100% recycling and so on,mainly used for beverage and food packaging, involving carbonated drinks, edible oil, condiments, quick-frozen food, beer, liquor, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics, personal care products, etc.

Due to the advantages of low cost and energy saving, polyester bottles will be replaced for packaging with the improvement of People’s Living Standard and the enhancement of environmental awareness.


With the wider application of polyester bottles in the market and the consideration of environmental protection, more and more enterprises will choose to recycle and reuse. In this process, the cleaning and whitening of the plastic bottles PET are of extra importance, after all, “no one wants to drink from a yellow, dark plastic bottle. ”Fluorescent whitening agents play an important role in the recycling of polyester or PET.We believe that in the future, our fluorescent whitening agent products will be exported to more foreign business users, high-quality products, quality service so that we have been doing, there is a need to contact us. Optical brightener free sample, sample satisfaction before placing an order.

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