Optical Brightener OB Specially Used For Transparent PC Plastics


optical brightener

PC plastic, also known as Polycarbonate, or PC, a colorless, transparent, glassy, amorphous polymer, thermoplastic material that combines perfect toughness and practicality with plastic, it has good optical property. PC is very strong, perfect transparency, adjustable hardness, high temperature resistance, recyclable plastic. PC plastic can be through injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, thermoplastic molding and so on. PC is also a kind of plastic material that can be pressed to form thin sheets, so it is often used in the glass assembly industry. Because PC plastic has the advantages of light weight, good toughness, easy molding, low cost, and so on. At the same time, PC plastic has the advantages of easy availability of raw materials, good performance and low price, so it is widely used, transparent plastic in our life is everywhere, At present, PC plastic has become the fastest growing general-purpose plastic in the five engineering plastics.

PC plastic is generally transparent, so PC plastic requires high transparency, many PC manufacturers will add optical brightener in the production process of transparent PC plastic to increase its brightness and transparency. But the choice of PC plastic optical beightening agent needs to be very careful, if the choice of fluorescent whitening agent is not appropriate, whitening agent will cause the product low transparency, affect the aesthetics and thus affect sales.The optical brightener for plastic used on transparent PC plastics must have a good brightening effect first, and then the weatherability. Because a lot of plastic use after a period of ultraviolet radiation products will become yellow, look old, mainly because of the poor weatherability of optical brightener. Ogilvy suggested that transparent PC plastics manufacturers choose optical brightener OB, which has the appearance of light yellow powder, melting point at 196-203 °C, excellent light transmittance and weather resistance, obvious brightening effect and little addition, so adding optical brightener to transparent PC plastic can boost sales of the product.

China strongly advocates the recycling of resources, recycled plastic materials can greatly save costs, so now many PC plastic manufacturers choose to use recycled plastic materials for production and processing. However, the recycled plastic materials are used after all. There are some differences between the quality and performance of the recycled plastic materials and the brand-new materials. The recycled plastic materials may look yellow and old because of the influence of the used materials and long-term sun exposure, at this time need to add some plastic additives to improve the appearance of recycled plastic materials, optical brightener OB can improve the appearance of recycled PC plastic quality. The optical brightener OB for regenerated transparent PC plastics only needs to add about 300 grams per ton of material to achieve better whitening effect, with excellent stability, less yellowing and good dispersibility.

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