Plastic products can not stop using, but can use fluorescent whitening agent to achieve plastic recycling


Although we have been advocating to keep away from plastic products, to protect the Earths environment, but to tell the truth, now completely stop using plastic products is not realistic. But waste plastics, which can be recycled through technology and additives such as whitening agents optical brightener OB-1, seem to be a common blessing for people around the world.

So, is all plastic recyclable? No. Biodegradable materials, such as PLA PLA PLA polylactic acid, can be degraded in the natural environment, the material does not need to be recycled, basically no pollution. Thermosetting materials, such as Bakelite (commonly used in electrical equipment) because of its own characteristics, after heating molding, reheating can not melt again molding. This kind of material recycling has no value.

General Thermoplastic, such AS PA (nylon) , PETG Copolyester, PES, PPSU (PSU) , ABS, ASA, AS, PC/ABS and other alloy materials, they can be recovered and have significant economic recovery value. After the first use of these thermoplastic, the general color will oxidize yellow or yellowing, affecting the re-processing, therefore, usually in the process of manufacturing enterprises will use fluorescent whitening agent or optical brightener to remove the plastic yellow, whiten the plastic product.

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