The optical brightener FP-127 used to whiten and brighten the recycled plastic foam cotton


The common plastic foam has foam cotton and foam board, foam cotton is a material with pores, is a very common packaging material in our lives.

Most Styrofoam is soft and is used as a disposable packaging material. Although foam is colored, most of it is white. In recent years, most foam manufacturers have turned to recycled materials for greater profits. Although the quality of foam made from recycled materials is good, but the color yellow, dark color, whiteness can not be satisfactory. As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of optical brightener in China, Ogilvy Chemical Co. , Ltd. has many years of experience in the export of optical brightener and has been providing customized whitening services for customers for many years, Ogilvy recommends the use of optical brightener FP-127 for regenerated foam.

Fluorescent whitening agent FP-127 is a special product for plastic foaming. Compared with other fluorescent brighteners, the fluorescent brightener FP-127 has higher whiteness value, less addition amount, and has obvious effect on whiteness and brightness of plastic products.The invention has obvious effect on improving the whiteness and brightness of the plastic products, and solves the problem that the traditional whitening agent is easy to precipitate yellowing.

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