Application of phthalocyanine blue in whitening process of plastics


In the plastic product molding processing, the colorant mostly uses the organic pigment, in which the most application is the phthalocyanine blue. Phthalocyanine blue color bright, it’s heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance are very good, dispersion is also good, can do blue plastic transparent products or spell color.


In blue transparent products, the amount of phthalocyanine blue resin is generally 0.02% , in the color combination, the amount is generally 0.05%-0.25% .


Plastic products with a variety of colors, caused by pigment particles in the plastic uniform dispersion. In order to improve the effect of pigment diffusion, the following methods are often used: 1. Mixing of dry powder pigments; 2. Mixing of paste pigments 3. Mixing of Masterbatch.

Pigment Phthalocyanine Blue

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