Optical Whitening Agent BA For Paper
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Optical Whitening Agent BA For Paper

As a optical whitening agent BA for paper, Optical Whitening Agent BA is widely used for paper whitening in paper industry for its high content, good quality and low price.

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Product Description

Optical Whitening Agent BA For Paper

Ogilvy Chemical Co. , Ltd is a famous whitening agent supplier in China, providing professional whitening solution and high quality fluorescent whitening agent BA all the time.

Optical Whitening Agent BA, also known as Fluorescent Whitening Agent BA, Fluorescent Brightener BA,Optical Brightener BA, Optical Brightener 113,a optical brightening agent widely used paper making producer.Light Yellow powder,CAS NO.:12768-92-2.Optical Whitening Agent BA mainly used in paper pulp whitening and as one of the optical brightening agents for paper making.

1.Optical Whitening Agent BA Performance Metrics:

High-Quality lower price Optical Whitening Agent BA for the Paper Industry, BA belongs to the anion type, can be with the anion or non-ionic surfactant bath.Optical Whitening Agent BA with strong fluorescence and have good whitening effect, and good light resistance,easy to dissolve, acid, alkali resistance.


Light Yellow powder







Molecular weight


Maximum UV absorption wavelength


Color Light

Brilliant Blue-purple

Melting Point




Moisture content


2.Optical Whitening Agent BA Applications:

Optical Whitening Agent BA used to reduce yellowish and improve paper brightness in paper pulp whitening for the Paper Industry, and also can be provide excellent whiteness and widely

used for cotton fabric whitening, hemp, cellulose fabric whitening and brightening, surface sizing, coating and other processes.


3.Optical Whitening Agent BA Reference Dosage:

(1)High-Quality Powder Optical Whitening Agents for the Paper Industry 20 times water is used to dissolve the material and then add optical brightening agent BA to pulp, coating and surface sizing agent. The normal dosage is 0.1-0.3% of the dry pulp or coating.

(2)For cotton whitening, hemp, cellulose fiber whitening, addoptical brightening agent BA directly into the dye vat, dissolved with water. The dosage of BA was 0.08-0.3% , the bath ratio was 1:20-40, the temperature of dyeing bath was 60-100°C.


4.Our advantage:

1.Owned factory, Owned R&D center and lab.

2.Factory directly sale, price can be always 3% lower than the market price.

3.Less dosage, Better effect.

4.Fast delivery, Excellent service.

5.We not only sell OBA, but also provide system whitening solutions and technique support.

6.We have many years of export experience, we can provide to you complete shipping documents for your custom clearance.


5.Packing information:

Usually is 25Kg/cardboard drum with inner double PE liner.

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