Pigment Blue Powder B12
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Pigment Blue Powder B12

Pigment Blue Powder B12,developed by Ogilvy chemical,small dosage, used together with optical brightener, widely used in EVA, polypropylene, nylon,polyester chemical fiber whitening and plastic products whitening, with excellent whitening effect, especially have better effect in recycled plastic whitening .

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Product Description

Pigment Blue Powder B12 is a blue pigment developed by Ogilvy chemical company.As a well-known pig mentand optical brightener manufacturer and supplier in China, Ogilvy chemical has been committed to the development and production of fluorescent brighteners and pigments. In recent years, Ogilvy has also developed a formula for whitening and brightening, that is, the combination of pigments and fluorescent brighteners, used for plastic, chemical fiber, rubber, coating and other products whitening.

1.Product description

As whitener for recycled plastics,Pigment blue powder B12 is bright-colored blue powder, insoluble in water, can eliminate the yellow light inside the white material.It is resistant to alkali, heat and light and it dissolves and fades when exposed to acid. With the use of optical brightener,Pigment blue powder B12 mainly used in EVA, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polyester chemical fiber and other plastic whitening or colored plastic coloring.In particular,Pigment blue powder B12 is widely used as a whitening agent for recycled plastics.

2.Product details

Product name

Pigment Blue Powder B12

Other Names


Place of Origin

Shandong, China

Brand Name



Organic Pigment




Bright-colored blue powder


Plastic,Coating , Ink , Leather, Textiles, Paint





Water insoluble content


3.Pigment Blue Powder B12 Apps:

With the use of optical brightener, Pigment blue powder B12 mainly used in EVA, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polyester chemical fiber and other plastic whitening or colored plastic coloring, also widely used for recycled plastic whitening.

4.Pigment Blue Powder B12 Usage and Dosage:

Every 1000kg material Pigment blue powder B12 is added and used together with the use of optical brightener.

(1) the addition of EVA, pp, nylon, acrylic and spandex was 3g.

(2) the addition of B12 to polyester fiber was 6-15 g. The dosage of optical brightener is 300- 500g.

5.Our advantage:

1. Owned factory, Owned R&D center and lab.

2. Factory directly sale, price can be always 3% lower than the market price.

3. Less dosage, Better effect.

4. Fast delivery, Excellent service.

5. We not only sell OBA and pigment, but also provide system whitening solutions and technique support.

6. We have many years of export experience, we can provide to you complete shipping documents for your custom clearance.


Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances

7.Pigment Blue Powder B12 packaging:

25kg cardboard drum, lined with plastic bags or according to customer requirements packaging.

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