Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X CF-351
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Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X CF-351

In the process of making detergent, manufacturers will add washing whitening agent fluorescent brightener CBS-X CF-351(CI 351), so cbs-x can whiten and brighten the articles to be washed, thus improving the washing effect of the detergent visually and CI 351 can Improve the appearance of detergent body. Fluorescent brightener CBS-X CF-351(CBS-351) mainly used in detergent soap making and washing liquid industry. And CBS-X is also known as optical brightener CBS-X, CF-351, CI 351, optical whitening agent CBS-X and Fluorescent whitening agent 351.

Model: CBS-X CF-351 CI 351

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Product Description

Detergent Whitening Agent Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X (CF-351 CI 351), Pure Powder 99%min with CAS No 27344-41-8.

1.Product description

Fluorescent brightener CBS-X CF-351 is the most excellent optical whitening agent used in washing powder, detergent and soap. CF-351 can soluble in water easily and has better whitener effect on cellulose fiber, polyamide and proteinic fiber at room temperature. CF-351 has high brightening intensity on cotton cloth as much 2.7 times diphenylethylene tristriazine derivatives and has extremely high stability with hypochloride sodium, CBS-X is a bleaching resistant optical brightener which is very popular and widely used for Synthetic detergent whitening, Soap whitening and other detergent industry.



Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X CF-351


Yellowish green powder or granules



Molecular Formula




Moisture content


Content of Water-insoluble impurities


3.Place of Origin: ChinaProduct details

Brand Name: Ogilvy

Certification: ISO9001


(1) Enhance the washing effect

The detergent added withfluorescent brightener CBS-X CF-351can whiten and brighten the articles to be washed, thus improving the washing effect of the detergent visually.

(2) Improve the appearance of detergent body

The addition of detergent fluorescent whitening agentCBS-X CF-351can significantly improve the whiteness of detergent (such as washing powder, soap, etc.) , and improve its appearance.


Powdered detergents are usually made by dry mixing. Fluorescent brighteners can be added either in a solution, a soft water suspension, or directly as particles into the detergent mixture, can effectively improve the appearance of powder detergent, usually the amount of 0.1%-0.2% .

The main technology of liquid detergent is stirring and mixing. Generally, the fluorescent whitening agent has good solubility. In liquid detergent, the fluorescent whitening agent can be added directly in powder form, usually 0.2% .

Paste detergents are a little more stringent than powder detergents and liquid detergents. It is crucial to keep the paste stable during the production process. Washing fluorescent brightener can be added directly in the form of powder in the paste detergent, or in the form of aqueous solution, water and ethanol solution, suspension, usually 0.1%-0.2% .

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7.Packing information

Usually is 25Kg/cardboard drum with inner double PE liner, or can customize the packaging according to customer.

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